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AGM-12B Bullpup

AGM-12B Bullpup

Our Bullpups go the extra mile when it comes to detail, there are none on the market that can compare! Guaranteed to get you dangerous looks from the authorities!


The AGM-12B was put into second source production by W.L. Maxson. Production terminated in 1970 at 22,100 rounds. The AGM-12B had a 250-lb warhead, making it light enough for many different types of aircraft to carry. However, the small explosive proved too small to destroy more substantial targets. Also, the guidance system required a pilot to fly in a straight line to keep a constant watch on the Bullpup A, which increased the threat from antiaircraft defenses. It was carried on U.S. Air Force F-100, F-105 and F-4 aircraft.


Pylons sold separately! If the pylons you require are not available, please contact us!


These are sold in singles, please select "x2" option for a discounted pair! We can accomodate any scale required, message us if the size you need is not available.

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